It is never a good economic choice to buy some food item that has an undeclared allergen. I get FDA alerts when products have been recalled and I am always amazed at how many things can go wrong with production. We have been buying Kettle baked Sea Salt potato chips over the past few years […]

By March the first, I plan to launch my new online business. My plan is to provide care packages to senior adults in rest-homes or at home. The purpose of the care package is to help seniors maintain their weight. When people get to be over 85 if they drop 10% of their body weight […]

Today, my husband and I drove over to Tuscaloosa to take our son some valentine junk food. As we drove along you could still see the evidence of of our snow disasters of the last couple of weeks. A bumper here a tail light there. But it was a beautiful day and once we got […]

Do people use prejudice to sell their wares, to get a better deal, to isolate a competitor? Sure they do! But as people try to sort individuals into certain categories in order to profit, it creates a false society. According to the information I have heard on television, over the past year I am suppose […]

Today, I finished my Property and Casualty course and my Alabama state exam will be sometime in mid March. I came as a surprise to me that Alabama is the only state with mandatory liability laws for car insurance. It is called the Alabama Financial Responsibility Law. Other states like New York have had mandatory […]

When I was in college my friends were from a couple of different sororities. They always wanted me to join and I certainly would have joined if it had not been for the fact that my dad said, absolutely no! He said that the sororities and were drinking societies. He was raised to not drink […]

One of the weirdest things to me was finding out that my dad’s ophthalmologist told him that he didn’t need a prescription for glasses just go to the drug store or Wall Mart and get some reading glasses. A couple of years ago, I had some money left on my health saving account and purchased […]

During our latest ice/snow storm a neurosurgeon walked six miles from Brookwood Hospital to Trinity Hospital in the snow down a huge mountain highway, to do brain surgery and save the life of a man at the brink of death. Everyone was shocked at his tenancy and his drive. Anderson Cooper asked him, “Can you […]

With my $127.00 cable, internet, phone bill I get free movies, sort of. If it is free why do I spend so much on cable? The selection is limited, but occasionally, I find something to watch. Today, The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton is playing. We studied Edith Wharton’s, Ethan Frome in college. This […]

Finally, I got out of the house today and went down to Publix. There is a mountain pass between me and civilization and it is still treacherous due to the ice. It wasn’t so bad going down but coming back up my wheels started to slip and it is a wonder that I didn’t hit […]