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Nineteen years ago I purchased a PACT Plan

Nineteen years ago I purchased a PACT Plan from the state of Alabama. PACT stands for Prepaid Alabama College Tuition. Tuition was suppose to be paid in full if your child goes to an Alabama state school.The state of Alabama has been trying to get rid of the plan because of fund mis-management. Yesterday, I […]

Food Disasters

Tuna and rice are two of my favorite gluten free staples. It is painful to hear about the mercury in tuna and the arsenic in rice. Food disasters are not new and I hope we make some major improvements in food safety soon. During the Koren Conflict my father was stationed in Japan an ran […]

Business Casual

Next month my husband goes with the Auburn University, Physician MBA program on a trip to Denmark and Germany. His casual wardrobe was lacking so I decided what was necessary to purchase the necessary items. When we were younger I purchase expensive, designer clothes for him. Come to find out it is just a acceptable […]


This past month we downsized into a 1600 square foot garden home from a 3000 square foot, 5 bed room house. I must admit selling the house was expensive and exhausting, but it was worth the expense and hard work to reduce our monthly budget. The big house served its purpose. My older kids moved […]