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New Day

Education has always been the focus of my life. It propelled my dad from selling newspapers on a street corner at age 9 to help support his family to a GS-15 job in the National Weather Service. I was beginning to fear that education no longer mattered. But, education does matter and it is still […]

Loose Ends

Well, I never thought I could sympathize with the folks that screwed up the Obama Care website. But I do. For the last two months I have been setting up my online business. I am so close to having every thing work on my site except for a few essentials. Now, I’m waiting on my […]

Unfollow Yikes

I probably never would have joined Facebook except  for a master of library science program I was accepted into. My Facebook had not really been activated but my college roommate contacted me. It was great to hear from her. Unfortunately, there is information on Facebook, I really rather not know. I have enjoyed seeing people […]

Fairly Treated

In April I take the Alabama property and casualty exam. One of the most interesting topics for me, has been the property 5 section, that discusses things that insurance companies don’t want to cover. They are called Fair plans. Mostly, this insurance is for inter-city property with a high crime rate. The Mal-practice insurance company […]

Smart Dogs

There are some products and programs that go way beyond good economic choices. The Ornish Diet program and vegetarian Smart Dogs have improved my life more than anything in a while. I was on the phone with my youngest college age son yesterday, and told him about the Ornish program. I said, Bill Clinton and […]

Time Will Tell

Is there ever a Better Economic Choice? Maybe the real thing is don’t spend a dime on anything but the essentials. Forget trying to look cool, forget trying to look successful, forget trying to comfort yourself with stuff. In my experience it just doesn’t work. Have I really learned my economic reality lesson or will […]

Please Fix It

Yesterday, there was a news story about the Bryan Whitfield hospital in Demopolis, Alabama. The hospital has had to stop delivering babies after 50 years. They could not survive in the current medical environment. They story said that they could not keep enough labor and delivery nurses in order to keep their malpractice coverage. The […]

21% Interest

My favorite President was Jimmy Carter. He was elected when I was a student at Auburn and we were all so excited. We had at least 100 students watching the presidential election and some of the kids drove over to Ga for the party after the election. I still like Jimmy. He is the only […]

Saving Money on Food

We tend to overeat under stress and it increases our food budget. Nothing is more stressful than looking for a job. Yesterday, I purchased food for a couple of weeks and put the food portions in plastic containers and stuck them in the freezer. This keeps us from feeling like its OK to eat the […]

Just Go Buy A Card

A few years back my husband signed up for MSN American Greetings online. He canceled the service years ago and it renewed itself again this year. Last night he worked on it for a couple of hours and could not get into the account. He called this morning and finally spoke to a customer service […]