New Day

Education has always been the focus of my life. It propelled my dad from selling newspapers on a street corner at age 9 to help support his family to a GS-15 job in the National Weather Service. I was beginning to fear that education no longer mattered. But, education does matter and it is still the way out of economic distress. This past week my son quit his PHD program. I must admit that it hurts but I understand his reasons. Knowing that you can quit and till earn a great income changes the game. There is a new aspect to our education system.  The folks that know how to run a computer data base hold all the cards. There is also a rebellion against structure and deadlines and being the graduate flunky of days of old. Having an entire department demand your computer knowledge all at the same time no longer works. Years ago, my daughter was chosen as a graduate assistant because the professor’s dog liked her and the woman needed a dog sitter/ house sitter frequently. It didn’t matter that she is brilliant and beautiful it just mattered that she was ordered to pay her dues. Having more technical skills put graduate students in a different category. You won’t find computer experts dog sitting or picking up the laundry.


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