Unfollow Yikes

I probably never would have joined Facebook except  for a master of library science program I was accepted into. My Facebook had not really been activated but my college roommate contacted me. It was great to hear from her. Unfortunately, there is information on Facebook, I really rather not know. I have enjoyed seeing people from the past. But, what I don’t like is the negative stuff that goes on. There is always someone complaining or pushing an agenda personal or public. There is also way to much information about children on Facebook that puts the children at risk for being hurt by people with the wrong intentions. You probably need to be over twenty-five to use Facebook.  Also, it always amazes me that its a platform for hate and gossip.  Oh wait, I’m complaining just like everyone on Facebook. Negative junk is contagious and it makes people unhappy.  I was thinking about using it to publicize my online business but now I don’t think that will do any good. I’m going to seek out the appropriate places to advertize. Sometimes what is free is not a good economic decision.


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