Fairly Treated

In April I take the Alabama property and casualty exam. One of the most interesting topics for me, has been the property 5 section, that discusses things that insurance companies don’t want to cover. They are called Fair plans. Mostly, this insurance is for inter-city property with a high crime rate. The Mal-practice insurance company that writes most of the professional insurance for physicians in Alabama has a tag line that is called, fairly treated. I remember thinking that, they are on our side. The joke was on me. There was nothing fair about a mal-practice suit. If you get sued they ask all your competing physicians if they would have made the same clinical decision. Most law suits settles out of court with most of money going to the lawyers. States like Texas and Florida got to the point where OB-Gyn mal-practice coverage was $200,000 a year. They finally had to address the issue when doctors quit or starting practicing  without mal-practice coverage. When we get to that price in Alabama, then no one will be thinking about fairness, not even the mal-practice lawyers.


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