Monthly Archives: March 2014

New Day

Education has always been the focus of my life. It propelled my dad from selling newspapers on a street corner at age 9 to help support his family to a GS-15 job in the National Weather Service. I was beginning to fear that education no longer mattered. But, education does matter and it is still […]

Loose Ends

Well, I never thought I could sympathize with the folks that screwed up the Obama Care website. But I do. For the last two months I have been setting up my online business. I am so close to having every thing work on my site except for a few essentials. Now, I’m waiting on my […]

Unfollow Yikes

I probably never would have joined Facebook except  for a master of library science program I was accepted into. My Facebook had not really been activated but my college roommate contacted me. It was great to hear from her. Unfortunately, there is information on Facebook, I really rather not know. I have enjoyed seeing people […]

Fairly Treated

In April I take the Alabama property and casualty exam. One of the most interesting topics for me, has been the property 5 section, that discusses things that insurance companies don’t want to cover. They are called Fair plans. Mostly, this insurance is for inter-city property with a high crime rate. The Mal-practice insurance company […]