Smart Dogs

There are some products and programs that go way beyond good economic choices. The Ornish Diet program and vegetarian Smart Dogs have improved my life more than anything in a while. I was on the phone with my youngest college age son yesterday, and told him about the Ornish program. I said, Bill Clinton and Steve Jobs have used the Ornish diet. He said, that’s not good Steve Jobs died. I said, my friend Polly died of Pancreatic Cancer within about four months and Steve Jobs lived about nine years with Pancreatic Cancer. My son said, well you have a point there.  My husband had his gallbladder removed a couple of years ago and he says, that he can only eat a small amount of fat without it causing problems. I finally realized that my lack of a gallbladder was also causing problems for me. The Ornish diet quickly stopped the repercussions of not having a gallbladder. I am very grateful.


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