Please Fix It

Yesterday, there was a news story about the Bryan Whitfield hospital in Demopolis, Alabama. The hospital has had to stop delivering babies after 50 years. They could not survive in the current medical environment. They story said that they could not keep enough labor and delivery nurses in order to keep their malpractice coverage. The problem is that the medical profession is in trouble from the inside out. The physicians that have a heart for taking care of folks that do not have insurance are the first physicians that need to close their practice. A heavy on the insurance practice, lasts longer than the heavy medicaid practice. Obama care is similar to providing a meal for your child and then placing the meal on the top shelf where the child cannot reach it. There needs to help for the physicians that provide Medicaid coverage.  Yet, people are so offended at the thought of increasing physician payments. But, nurses want to be paid and when the physician or the hospital can’t pay the nurses then it is necessary for them to find other employment. Medical practices survive longer with patients with insurance so physicians seek out the patients with insurance. It won’t matter how many people are provided with coverage if the physician and the hospital can’t stay in business. Everyone assumes that physicians make a bunch of money, but if half of their patients are Medicaid it is likely that their practice has been steady losing money for years. Medicaid  pays less than cost. The idea of what cost is differs between the hospital and Medicaid. Anyway, I hope someone can fix it. All I know, is that lots of poor people that are on Medicaid have lost their physician or they are about to. So much money is being spent on medicine, but its going to the wrong places.


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