21% Interest

My favorite President was Jimmy Carter. He was elected when I was a student at Auburn and we were all so excited. We had at least 100 students watching the presidential election and some of the kids drove over to Ga for the party after the election. I still like Jimmy. He is the only president I have ever seen in person. When the sixth fleet returned from the Mediterranean, during the days of the Iranian Hostage Crisis, my husband was a Lieutenant in the Navy and Jimmy gave a speech there in Norfolk to all the service personnel and their dependents. It was great and he spoke of his time in the Navy.  He is known now as one of our worst presidents. I truly understand why, in light of the interest rates and the gas lines. I remember paying 21% interest on a car loan during his time in office. My daughter feels the same way about Obama and even though the economy stinks she will probably always like Obama.  Hopefully, after Obama is out of office, he will be able to help people like Jimmy Carter has helped folks with Habitat for Humanity. I don’t know what he might do but maybe it can offset his presidential economic nightmare. I am willing for the next president to be less likeable personally and more successful with the economy.


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