It is never a good economic choice to buy some food item that has an undeclared allergen. I get FDA alerts when products have been recalled and I am always amazed at how many things can go wrong with production. We have been buying Kettle baked Sea Salt potato chips over the past few years since they are supposedly gluten and dairy free. Right now there is a recall due to sour cream powder on the Sea Salt chips. My three kids and I  are allergic to milk and potato chips are never good enough to risk being ill for days just because we ate some potato chips. I enjoy watching How Its Made on cable and it is no wonder production gets messed up. I don’t see how they could ever clean the production equipment enough to remove cheese or wheat from the conveyor belt. There are some dedicated allergy bakeries where they don’t bring the allergens into the facility. From now on I’m looking for the dedicated bakery chips. Making your kid sick because you chose the wrong thing at the grocery is a bad decision all around not just a bad economic choice. I want someone to invent a machine that instantly tells you if the food is free from bacteria, toxins and allergens. Now, that machine would be worth the money. Wait, it would probably cost so much I could not afford it.


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