Pepperidge Farms

By March the first, I plan to launch my new online business. My plan is to provide care packages to senior adults in rest-homes or at home. The purpose of the care package is to help seniors maintain their weight. When people get to be over 85 if they drop 10% of their body weight they are more likely to die within the year. Snacking can trigger their appetite and then getting them to eat a meal is more successful. My husband is a retired physician and he volunteers at a local nursing home. He reports that weighing the residence in a nursing home is a big deal. They don’t want them to lose weight. Half of the 85 year old have dementia and folks with dementia forget to eat. My mom eats like a bird at 91 and when you take her to a restaurant the food looks too big to her. She will say take this It’s just too much food. So, I have been searching out smaller portions. Fortunately, some of the 100 calorie packs work well. They fall within the guidelines for what people with diabetes and heart disease need. Some of the products I have tested just fallen short of being worth the money. I want good packaging and I want a quality product. I have been impressed with Pepperidge Farms products. So its out with the cheap snacks and in with the quality.


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