It is Spring is Tuscaloosa

Today, my husband and I drove over to Tuscaloosa to take our son some valentine junk food. As we drove along you could still see the evidence of of our snow disasters of the last couple of weeks. A bumper here a tail light there. But it was a beautiful day and once we got campus at the UA about every 5th kid had on shorts. Yesterday, we had snow and today we have spring. Many days are like this in Alabama and it almost makes up for our tornadoes. Tuscaloosa has made great progress rebuilding.  New apartments are going in where so many people lost their homes and their lives. The place is huge and hopefully it is well built. Many of the houses destroyed by the storm  were small rental houses that didn’t stand a chance against an F4. We all have a strong sense of denial and we are sure that a tornado won’t hit again in the same area.  The fact that CVS drug store has been hit by a tornado more than once on the corner is not something we want to admit. Since our son lives in the dorm we feel somewhat protected. The tornado didn’t hit there. Denial is the key to living in the land of tornadoes.


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