Never Assume

Do people use prejudice to sell their wares, to get a better deal, to isolate a competitor? Sure they do! But as people try to sort individuals into certain categories in order to profit, it creates a false society. According to the information I have heard on television, over the past year I am suppose to be a “Delightful Person” one that causes all sorts of heinous crimes just because I am white and from the south.  But wait, I look white and I have blond hair but underneath the southern accent and the pale skin I am part-Cherokee from Texas, Maryland, New Mexico, Arkansas, Alabama, Virginia, California and North Carolina. And my family started out in White County, Tennessee and ended up in Oklahoma. My Cherokee family name is George. A few years back I was watching PBS and an African American woman was describing her family life as slaves on an Alabama plantation. She happened to mention that she was also part Cherokee and her family name was George. She said African Americans and Native Americans were slaves together on the plantation. So, as you run across the next white southerner you may not know what you are seeing.


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