Today, I finished my Property and Casualty course and my Alabama state exam will be sometime in mid March. I came as a surprise to me that Alabama is the only state with mandatory liability laws for car insurance. It is called the Alabama Financial Responsibility Law. Other states like New York have had mandatory liability laws but they were canceled because they were not enforceable. We also have a pool for uninsured drivers called the Alabama Automobile Insurance Plan. So, when someone hits you without insurance in Alabama and you get injured the bill can be paid for from the state pool for uninsured motorist. The insurance company that sells the most car insurance contributes the most to the uninsured motorist fund. One big fact that I did not know was,  in Alabama, if you get three moving violation tickets in one year you can lose your insurance. The last ticket I got was a couple of years ago, due to a speed trap in Jackson, Louisiana. I was going 40 in a 25 zone and had to pay $150.00. Also, Alabama gives you a month after your license expires to get it renewed. I was fifteen days out of date. In Louisiana they do not honor Alabama law. I got a ticket for an expired license along with the speeding ticket. Fortunately, my daughter was with me and her license was up to date, so she could drive and I didn’t get hauled off to jail. My niece is married to the sheriff in the next town over and that really would have been embarrassing, had I been arrested. I had better check and see when my three years are up. Driving is a good thing. I still can’t believe Hillary doesn’t drive. I’m not sure I can vote for someone who does not drive.


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