What Do You Think?

When I was in college my friends were from a couple of different sororities. They always wanted me to join and I certainly would have joined if it had not been for the fact that my dad said, absolutely no! He said that the sororities and were drinking societies. He was raised to not drink because he was Cherokee Indian and Southern Baptist. It worked for him he was the first person in his family to finish college and he became a meteorologist for NASA and NOAH. But, as I look for a job now the sorority connection would have helped. It seems that we have gone far away from intelligence and ability and have become a society of who you know. Honestly, who you know may not be the best person for the job. So, its OK to work on a sub-standard level because you are having a great time doing it. Or, is it really all about discrimination on all sides? Everyone wants to have their own kind work with them. We have DE-evolved into a much more narrow minded society. We think we know how people think when that is so far from reality. 


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