Made of Something Else

One of the weirdest things to me was finding out that my dad’s ophthalmologist told him that he didn’t need a prescription for glasses just go to the drug store or Wall Mart and get some reading glasses. A couple of years ago, I had some money left on my health saving account and purchased some really expensive reading glasses. They fell apart after about a year and I went back to buying reading glasses at the drug store. I did feel more expensive there for a little while it was like getting a new luxury car after a few months they are just like any other car. I have spent so much money trying to prove I am an expensive person. However, the opposite actually happens. Actually, the more you spend the less you have. When I was in college, I sold expensive women’s clothing at Parisian Department Store. I thought that clothes had to cost a certain amount in order to be worth anything. Sometimes, that was true but often the clothing was very fragile and would be a waste of money. I find it interesting that Warren Buffet drives an old car and has worn out furniture. He doesn’t care what people think about his material goods. He plays a different game and I like his game better.


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