Recycling the Old

With my $127.00 cable, internet, phone bill I get free movies, sort of. If it is free why do I spend so much on cable? The selection is limited, but occasionally, I find something to watch. Today, The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton is playing. We studied Edith Wharton’s, Ethan Frome in college. This movie looks like it might be as equally disturbing as Ethan Frome. In both books, girl cousin betrays girl cousin and hooks up with the man. It is just like my soap opera Bold and Beautiful where Brook has slept with her daughter’s husband, her other daughter’s boyfriend, her husband’s father, her husband’s brother, her sister’s husband. I’m afraid that my soap may be gone soon. They can’t keep recycling Brook’s inappropriate behavior, some other story line will be needed to keep the show alive. Occasionally, my husband will pass the living room on the way back to studying and ask what going on with Brook. I told him Brook is finally having her day of reckoning for sleeping with her sister’s husband. What we watch and what our kids watch is very different. Around my three kids the mention of a soap opera is met with “Can you change the channel, look to see if Dr. Who is on or maybe a NCIS marathon”. We have a generation shift going on. What we like is replaced by something younger people like. We studied this phenomenon in my freshman Into to Business and Economics class. We are all on the fast track to being obsolete. This week, Scott Richards was replaced on Birmingham’s Channel 6, as an anchor, after 33 years. Another reporter, said that Scott Richards had been the gatekeeper of journalistic excellence. That probably means that the ratings trumped checking sources and that Scott was not animated enough. He had become obsolete. The same is true for Jay Leno. He said, he could not keep up with the new media, twitter etc. So, on with the new hire and before long Jimmy Fallon will have the same problem of reinventing himself. On the product curve when a product becomes successful it has to be re-invented for the product to remain viable. Unfortunately, we are all on are on the same career, product curve, and hopefully education and creativity is still able to re-invent us and propel us out of the downward curve and into an upward economic up-swing. Throwing out the old is the current state of employment but recycling is the new thing. So, I hope that all the folks that have found themselves obsolete in their careers figure out how to recycle themselves. After all, throwing out something valuable is a bad economic choice.


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