Old Dogs

My dog is fifteen years old and is a mix of border collie and chow and has the personality of a border collie. He spent the first 3 years of his life in the Birmingham Animal Shelter. When we got him home we found that only a 6ft wooden fence would keep him from climbing out. There were a few occasions when he got loose in the neighborhood and the only way to catch him was to take a flying leap and tackle him. These days, he is not very interested in running away anymore. His eyesight is completely gone and some of his teeth are gone. When he was younger he would eat dry dog food but that is too tough, now. He eats 3 small 13oz cans of Alpo dog food a day. Last week we bought a case of what I thought was the same dog food at a big box store. It looked like what I had been buying but I noticed it had rice and something that looked like carrots with gravy. All of a sudden it was like he had never been fed. I started feeding him 4 cans a day. Next time I buy dog food it will be the prime cuts without gravy. What looked like a good deal turned out to be a big money loser.


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