Great Accuracy

Finally, I got out of the house today and went down to Publix. There is a mountain pass between me and civilization and it is still treacherous due to the ice. It wasn’t so bad going down but coming back up my wheels started to slip and it is a wonder that I didn’t hit the truck in back of me. For the first time, in three years missed my gigantic, white, gas guzzling, Tahoe. Soon, the pass will de-ice and thoughts of the Tahoe will melt, also. There has been so much criticism about how the officials handled the ice disaster and how the weather people missed the forecast. My dad was a meteorologist for the National Weather Service for thirty years and he always took criticism every-time a forecast was off. It never seemed to bother him he just took it a part of the job. Lately, we have been lulled into thinking that we can predict the weather with great accuracy. However, we still can’t predict the weather and I doubt if we ever will. Everyone at Publix seemed traumatized by the ice/snow. For most of us, this was the first day any of us could actually get out of our houses. We all seemed to be pacifying ourselves with food and that is never a good economic decision.


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