Birmingham/Tuscaloosa Snow Covered Ice

We have been very fortunate during this snow and ice storm the power is still on and our kids are safe even though they are stranded in towns where they don’t live. In 1993 we had an 18 inch snow storm that was horrible because we had no power for a week. During that storm, I could see jeeps and trucks with 4 wheel drive getting around. However, this storm is different because we have a layer of ice underneath the snow. It snowed and it wasn’t cold enough to stick yet and then the temperature dropped and it created ice under the new snow. Cars have been falling off the road all over town. There is one photo of one of the new Tahoe type Police 4×4 vehicles in a ditch. I have never seen an abandoned police vehicle before, especially in a ditch. All over town people just left their vehicles in the road and their car insurance will not pay if the car sustains more damage while it is abandoned.  Also, car insurance won’t pay, if you have damage, in the event that the the local authorities have closed the road you are driving on or sliding on. We try to plan for all sorts of disasters, but you can start out thinking its a normal day and before its over you can’t believe what just happened.


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