LLC Setup

Yesterday, I started working setting up a LLC for my business. At first I started using an online company that specializes in setting up LLC’s. I had to reset my password and a little while later when I returned to the site I received a phone call from a man saying were you just on the site trying to set up an LLC. It was so weird and I am still overly cautious after my credit card info was stolen. I quickly hung up and called the company to see if it really was their employee that called me. It was, they had a term for the caller, it is the abandonment team person. Since I had a person on the phone, I said, what I really wanted was to know how much the LLC setup was gong to cost. He said $355.00 and I was really surprised the price was so high. After that, I checked out the Alabama Revenue Department to see what I actually needed for the business. To my surprise a person answered and told me that they could handle the LLC registration and it would cost $228.00.  Wow, that is a savings of $127.00. The Revenue Department folks were very helpful and said they could walk me though the process. I was so close to wasting money on that online business document company.


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