Last Clear Chance

Lately, I have been taking a property and casualty course. I’ve learned a great deal about boilers. I didn’t even know that boilers were still in use. I did wonder how there was a seeming unlimited amount of hot water in hotels. Also, I thought a personal injury lawyer dealt with car wrecks. Like when someone hits you with their car. Come to find out they deal with libel, slander and false imprisonment. Who knew? Also, we looked at medical Mal-practice coverage. Being married to an OB-Gyn for over 30 years I know more than I wish I did about Mal-practice insurance. On paper its an interesting topic, in real life fairness does not even enter the picture. Also, I learned that there is something called, Last Clear Chance. So, if you know that you are getting ready to be riding in a car when the driver has been drinking and you know they have been drinking. You won’t be able to sue the person driving for your injury’s if they wreck the car. Because you will have a, Last Clear Chance, to not get in the car. Car wrecks, emergency room visits and hospital stays are never a good economic decision it the injury could have been avoided. If you are there because you need your gal-bladder removed that’s a good economic decision. If you at the hospital because you rode with a drunk, that’s a bad economic decision.


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