Blueberries and Exercise

When my mother turned 67 she was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Her doctor said, I should not expect her to live longer than four years. But, this year she turned 91 in November and despite Alzheimer’s she enjoys her life in a rest home near my older brother and his wife. A few years after the four years passed, I was at one of my husbands medical practice dinners, and I sat next to a cancer specialist that told me that my mother likely would have died except for the new class of drugs that came out right when she was going though chemotherapy. So, don’t give up hope even when it looks like all is lost. Doctors cannot know the future. My mother also took charge of her health she didn’t give up and she started looking at healing food and worked on exercising every day. She believed in using blueberries to help her stay healthy and people from her little town of Murfreesboro, Arkansas would bring her blueberries. She found a book called Healing Foods by Patricia Hausman that she incorporated into her life. The book is sold on Amazon for $7.19 and that is quite a bargain and that endorsement is unsolicited. Anyway, that take charge attitude allowed her keep on going is a lesson I hope to carry with me as I deal with the unpredictable things of life and I need to get some blueberries the next time I’m at the store.  


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