There are some wonderful graduate programs out there.  I was accepted into San Jose States Master of Library and Information Science program. If you have a 3.0 from the last sixty college hours then you are good to go. The program is all on line and it is a fully accredited program. I went to Cal State East Bay years ago and my husband and I went over to see a play on campus. San Jose State University  is the first Cal State and it is a beautiful campus. No matter how impressed I was with the campus, I had to weight the cost. It was going to cost me 20k to complete the program. The University of Alabama also has a fully accredited Master of Library and Information Science and it is also online and you can also attend classes if you wish. That program was going to cost around 10K. But, once again I had to weigh the cost of going to grad school.  Both my son and daughter-in-law started working at the huge Hoover Library outside Birmingham when they were in college and full time library jobs are rare.  At first or son worked part-time for 9 hours a week. That went on for years till he was graduate school getting his MILS and then it went to 20 hours a week. He finally quit the library when he was started his PHD in Information Sciences. My daughter-in-law worked at the library part-time for 7 years and when she finished MILS she got the much coveted full-time library job. It pays great, I would love to make 3k a month but I don’t have the time to eek it out over the years and work my way up. I decided that even though I would love to have the MILS it would be a bad economic decision for me.


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