Where do you get ‘authoritative advice’ when you need sound economic advice? That ‘authoritative advice’ problem also interferes with our religion our politics and career choices. We think someone that is successful in business in one area will be successful in another and that is just not true anymore. Today, it is easier than ever to follow the wrong advice and you can even follow the right advice but for the wrong application. There seems to always an up-sell and guilt with pressure applied to every aspect of our society. Sometimes what we think we would like is not even there. Come to find out there are phantom job listings. A job listing is placed by an organization and they already have someone doing the work but the HR rules require that it be fairly listed. So, that job I applied for may not really be open and I’m wasting my time. Well, I want a combo advice giver one that has the business savvy of Warren Buffet, the computer savvy of Bill Gates, the religious authority of Martin Luther and Augustine, the political authority of George Washington and the innovative business authority of Ben Franklin. Well, the likely hood of finding someone to give me advice with all these attributes is unlikely. But It might help if I read Ben’s autobiography again and Luther and Augustine again and research Buffet and Gates and maybe I will become my own authority. After all monetary success and authority don’t go hand in hand. If it did Vincent Van Gogh would have made a fortune when he was alive. But, Van Gogh has some health issues that most of us avoid and hopefully hard work and hard thinking still equals success.



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