Keep the Water Running and Don’t Use a Blowtorch

I’m in the middle of my property and casualty insurance course. We are studying all sorts of peril.  The people across the street, just had a bad peril. Their pipes froze and burst.  I hope they  let their faucets and toilets run a little when it was so cold here, because their entire house flooded. If they didn’t take precautions their homeowners policy won’t pay. I don’t know how you can tell if the water was left running. I imagine the insurance industry knows even if I don’t. On Wednesday morning, the water damage truck started sucking water out of the house. The technicians worked till about 8pm and then came back and ran the water vacuum off and on all day Thursday. The water removal people also piled bags and bags of destroyed whatever on the street. What a horrible mess. I have never really given frozen pipes much thought but I will now. I do know it was a really bad idea to use a blow torch to defrost them. One Arkansas at Christmas, we pulled up to my parents house and I could see a guy using a blow torch to defrost his pipes the next thing I saw was his house on fire. The whole house burned to the ground in a matter of minutes. A beautiful craftsman style home was destroyed and all that was left was the garage. I’m positive that using a blowtorch on frozen pipes is not covered on any type of property insurance even if you left the water running.


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