Garden Homes

It has been 6 months since we moved into a garden home. The place is very nice I am very lucky to live here. The cost of living here is certainly an improvement and I can clean the entire space in about an hour and a half. I was beginning to think that having good neighbors was history. My husband was out of town so not knowing the neighbors was uncomfortable, last night. My fifteen year old totally blind, part border collie part chow, started whining like something was wrong . So, I took him out front.  When I  got out the door I saw that there was a man in my yard and a woman in the street. They said they were trying to catch a dog. I was stupid enough to try and help them briefly. I locked my house up and walked my dog on down the street. A lady came out of her house a few doors down and said that was her dog they were trying to catch. At that point I was worried and I wondered why in the world they were in my yard and why they were trying to capture someone dog. The people in my yard appeared to be neighbors so I resisted my husband’s suggestion that I call the police. I called my oldest son and he and his wife came over for a little while. That helped but I still lay awake at 2 am worrying about the bazaar situation of the night. At one point there was a car speeding down the street and the strange woman that was trying to capture a dog with lunch meat only was in the middle of the street and she turned around and made a stop gesture with her hand.  Next, I almost got run over by my next door neighbor as she pulled into her driveway. I realized the blond woman was the new neighbor that has been causing neighbor-hood disputes six houses away. The cops have been out at least 3 times She must be somehow impaired. I’m not sure what the guy was doing there. Maybe he was waiting to take advantage of the stoned blond.  This morning when I got up I decided that I was going to meet my neighbors. I started with the next door neighbor that almost ran over me. She turned out to be very nice, we have things in common. I gave her all my contact information and I now have her info. So, despite the weirdness of last night is a good economic decision to downsize into a garden home.


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