Some of my most devastating life events have been followed by new opportunities that far exceed my expectations. I counting on that phenomenon repeating itself. Yesterday, my husband got a call from the HR person that told him that the job he was going after was on hold again, for another 2 months. Delay after delay on a government contract. We were devastated. I rarely cry but I just sat in the living room and cried. My college age son just came and sat on the couch and watched TV. He doesn’t watch TV anymore, he watches whatever he wants online, but there he sat like nothing was new. I felt the support, he didn’t have to say anything and I pulled it back together and quit crying. In the 70’s my father had quit his government job to go into business near my Mother’s family. The business failed and as he tried to return to the National Weather Service, he was faced with a government spending freeze. He finally gave up on Meteorology and took a job in the hardware department of Sears in Little Rock and within a month the National Weather Service called and said they had created a position for him at the National Weather Service in Birmingham, Alabama. Watching how my father handled the government hiring freeze in the 70’s gave me some much needed courage to re-group and start helping look for other possibilities. My husband had received an e-mail from one of his Auburn MBA professors that recommended a job placement service. So, even though things looked to bleak yesterday, hope has returned. 


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