Where There Is Confusion

There is an old movie named “Operation Petticoat”. The character Tony Curtis plays says the line “in confusion there is opportunity”. That is just before he steals everything is sight for his WW II submarine.That seems to be the norm for success, too often. Lost leaders, hidden charges, up-selling, bait and switch, and outright fraud. I’m still naive enough to think that you should get what you pay for and everyone is honest. I am starting a new online business and starting to create a web site. I asked my daughter to help me get it set up. She’s a brain and computers are second nature to her. I managed to set up domain name and started loading my web site. When she got here she helped me with an ssl and finding a host. By the time it was over we had double everything. As I sat with my head in my hands in despair. She said, ‘lets call them and get it fixed’. After about 20 minutes they called us back and re-figured the charges. By the time it was over I had a $37.00 credit. Keeping the money as a credit, is not fair. It will be next week before we load the web-site and find out if things are really OK. Getting up-sold for computer hosting is like being the monkey in a Harlow psychology experiment.


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