This morning I was taking a look at the Wall Street Journal site. One article was about Chipotle having the worst ad of 2013. It was the Timber-toes meets Wall-e. The scarecrows look very much like the Timbertoes from the Highlights magazine and the landscape was barren like the Wall-e movie. It was so depressing. The small farm was the hope of the entire nation. Why does everything these days have to be so black or white. Why is something either all bad or all good? When I watch the news everyone has picked a side. Even if they don’t agree with what is being said they are too afraid to live with the ambiguity of gray. Well the world is a grey world and just because you are afraid doesn’t mean that you have to sell out. Anyway, back to Chipotle, there have been a few occasions when I was standing in line with twenty or thirty University of Alabama College students at the Chipotle in Tuscaloosa this past year. What impressed me was not the quality of the food but the willingness of the the employees to increase the amount of rice or meat if the student asked for the increase. That was going to be the only meal that day for some of the students. Beyond the freshman year at Alabama the students are not guaranteed housing. It leaves them out in an apartment tying to pay for power, cable, water and trying to feed themselves. So, the college student that benefits from Chipolte probably do not care that the company put out one of the worst ads of the year. They are just grateful for a decent meal.


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