Monthly Archives: January 2014

Great Accuracy

Finally, I got out of the house today and went down to Publix. There is a mountain pass between me and civilization and it is still treacherous due to the ice. It wasn’t so bad going down but coming back up my wheels started to slip and it is a wonder that I didn’t hit […]

Old Dogs

My dog is fifteen years old and is a mix of border collie and chow and has the personality of a border collie. He spent the first 3 years of his life in the Birmingham Animal Shelter. When we got him home we found that only a 6ft wooden fence would keep him from climbing […]

Birmingham/Tuscaloosa Snow Covered Ice

We have been very fortunate during this snow and ice storm the power is still on and our kids are safe even though they are stranded in towns where they don’t live. In 1993 we had an 18 inch snow storm that was horrible because we had no power for a week. During that storm, […]

LLC Setup

Yesterday, I started working setting up a LLC for my business. At first I started using an online company that specializes in setting up LLC’s. I had to reset my password and a little while later when I returned to the site I received a phone call from a man saying were you just on […]

Say What?

Since, I have two much older siblings the possibility of looking stupid was always present and I never liked looking stupid. But, frequently I looked and acted stupid and over the years and I thought I had made great progress. Well, that is just not so. Just now, I realize just how many things I […]

Blueberries and Exercise

When my mother turned 67 she was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Her doctor said, I should not expect her to live longer than four years. But, this year she turned 91 in November and despite Alzheimer’s she enjoys her life in a rest home near my older brother and his wife. A few […]

Fidelity Bonds

Between 2005 and 2009 the comptroller for my husbands clinic was busy embezzling 1.2 million. She spent 3 years in prison for the crime. Also, she didn’t pay the taxes and that was devastating because it totaled about $356,000.00. Is it any wonder that my husband’s medical practice screeched to a halt in 2010? Sure, […]

Last Clear Chance

Lately, I have been taking a property and casualty course. I’ve learned a great deal about boilers. I didn’t even know that boilers were still in use. I did wonder how there was a seeming unlimited amount of hot water in hotels. Also, I thought a personal injury lawyer dealt with car wrecks. Like when […]

Save Your $5 Bucks

I got an e-mail from AARP that said donate $5.00 to save your Medicare doctor. Well, I’m way too young for Medicare. Even if I was eligible for Medicare, donating money is not going to solve the problem. The politicians and special interest groups are not going to be able to solve the problem either. […]

Gluten Free

Today, I went to Winn Dixie and Earth Fare searching for small portions of gluten free food for some care packages. Nothing comes in normal single serving portions when it comes to gluten free and dairy free food. You have to purchase the whole box. OK, almost nothing comes in single serve. I found one […]