Early this morning our son and his wife stopped by to borrow my husbands truck. They were headed to IKEA in Atlanta where they planned to buy a new bed with storage. Their home office is packed into their apartment bedroom so they want storage under the bed. Shipping costs for IKEA are huge so its worth the 2.5 hour trip to Atlanta. They were so excited about the trip. You would think they were headed back to Disney World. I have always liked the designs but when I first looked at the prices I assumed it was too cheap and would not last. But, I was wrong, it is durable and functions well. Our daughter works for a company that has its headquarters in California. Every time they start a new learning center they take a drive to the nearest IKEA and purchase worktables, chairs, shelves and couches. They schedule a workday and the employees come in and work together to assemble the furniture. They will take the couch cover to be cleaned occasionally and that is about it. The furniture holds up to kids and adults and gets lots of use. Sometimes less is more.


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