Good News Bad News

Finally, we got some health insurance. That’s the good news the bad news is that it is going to cost $1200.00 a month. This means that 35% of my monthly budget will be going for health insurance for the three of us. What I think is fair is half that amount. Life is not about fair and I head knows that but my heart wants things to be fair. Through one of my husbands professional associations we were able to get group insurance. Group insurance is always cheaper. The insurance concept is adverse selection. The actuaries (probability geniuses) say that if you spread the risk among lots of people the likelihood of having to pay out claims is less. Last year we paid out $12,000.00 dollars in health insurance and we didn’t go see the doctor. The year before, however, my husband had his gallbladder removed and that would have cost much more than 12K. Going with out health insurance can ruin a family’s finances. But the problem remains, health insurance is still so, so difficult to pay for.


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