Say Cheese

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article about macaroni and cheese. It told of different ways to create mac and cheese. There are visuals from lots of cookbooks on the subject. They even gave it Presidential approval by saying Thomas Jefferson served it in the White House. I remember seeing Martha Stewart put sour cream in her mac and cheese a few years back. There are even gluten free, dairy free versions of mac and cheese. To me, it says that we need some comfort, things are not going well and we are afraid to spend money. Or the flip side, the mac and cheese is proof you are not an extravagant spender. However, if you are buying Amy’s vegetarian gluten free, dairy free variety then you will spend more than you want to.  But, for the most part it is cheaper than something meaty. Too bad it is high fat, high sodium and high calorie. It’s like a drug for your cholesterol that causes gall stones. Not every problem solver is a good one.


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