Raspberry Pi with Coffee

This year I tried to think through what I buying for Christmas gifts. The gift I purchased online that actually has the potential to improve my daughters ability to make her money stretch is a food-dehydrator. So many prepared gluten-free, dairy free foods cost twice as much as regular food. Finding gluten free beef jerkyl is not always easy. So, this is her chance to prepare it herself and save quite a bit of money. She also received a small food processor that will make hummus for about ten cents instead of a $1.00 per serving like the already prepared brand. For my oldest son and his wife, I bought a Keurig coffee maker. It cuts the cost of coffee down to about sixty cents. That is much cheaper than what I usually buy at Starbucks. Everything I purchase at Starbucks is at least $2.00 a cup. I helped my husband pick out some scarves from the Zappo’s website for me. I purchased three Calvin Klein scarves for around $30.00 each, for him to give to me. He wanted to spend more but I said the scarves are enough. Scarves are my way of making an old outfit new again. I bought him a couple of things from LLBean. What I buy there usually lasts forever and they have a good return policy. For my youngest son, I purchased a Raspberry Pi, Its a small single board computer and the kit came with extra components. It would have been easy to spend twice as much, but I don’t think the folks in my family would have liked it more.


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