Unexpected Blessings at Christmas

This year, Christmas is good. Most of the time we live in overdrive. Quick, get it done and what are we missing? This year we had to slow it down and re-group. Our daughter never gets sick but this year she has bronchitis with walking pneumonia.  We set her up on the couch, started pushing tea and started her on antibiotics. She’s independent and has her own place but for the next few days she will be living with us. All of a sudden it hit me that she was going to lose her income. I said, how will you pay your bills? She said, I get sick leave. I said, what a blessing, that wonderful! This time last year she was working part-time at her current job and part-time at Michaels the arts and craft store. If she had been sick last year it would have been disastrous. But, fortunately, she finally received a full-time job six month ago. It took three and half years to become full time, but it finally happened. She loves her job at Linda-Mood Bell, they teach kids with learning differences how to overcome the differences. Well, she is doing much better and has quit looking like a zombie and are watching Sherlock Holmes Season Two and Wallander. Things are never what I expect but most of the things finally work out and for that I am grateful.


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