Cheap Rent and Used Cars

The Wall Street Journal ran a couple of reality based stories yesterday amid the ads for jewelry fit for the royal family and private jets. The first story was about cheap apartments and the second story was on used cars. In Cleveland, Ohio, near the Cleavland Clinic, they are starting to rent young professional 300 square foot micro apartments for $600.00 a month.The article said that people could not afford to pay the $1200.00 to $1500.00 a month for a standard apartment. The other article was on CarMax and how people thought there would never be a market for used cars. CarMax is the largest used car dealer in the US and they are expected to keep growing. I’m encouraged to see that there is at least a small understanding that things in the economy have changed, drastically. This info was much more useful than the article they ran last week that wanted to know “how clean is your sponge?”


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