Debris Removal Insurance

Today, Birmingham it is hot and humid in December and storms are once again on the way.  It is quite possible that we or someone in or around Birmingham will sustain damage. Before you judge, and say how can you live there? When we lived in Albuquerque we had flash floods, hurricanes in North Carolina, a Nor’easter in Maryland, earthquakes in Oakland, tornadoes in Arkansas and Texas. Trouble comes to all of us, one way or another, at times. While studying property and casualty last night, I was shocked to find out that if you have total replacement insurance on your older home, church or business you might not be able to afford to rebuild unless you also have a debris removal coverage. If the structure has lead or asbestos then the Environmental Protection Agency requires that debris be removed safely and that is pricy. So check your insurance and see what it actually covers. You don’t want to add disaster to disaster by not being able to rebuild.



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