The Cost is too High

In today’s online Wall Street Journal there is a story about a Montana newspaper pulling out of financial ruin and using the police blotter as a basis for a profitable news venue. I hope that the medical profession can find a way to sustain it’s profession.  As hospitals prepared for Obama-care they hired staff physicians to secure their market share. This way they could be an Accountable Care Organization and function as their own insurance company. Unfortunately, the new physicians on salary were placed in competition with the physicians in private practice. If there are too many physicians in the same specialty at a hospital then someone will go broke and move on. Most of the time the hospitals hire staff physicians under 35. That means the physicians that have the most experience and the most knowledge are forced into retirement. Two out of three of my physicians were forced into early retirement. Both of the doctors had thousands of patients that depended on them. My gynecologist told me he quit when he was only making $1000.00 a month. That’s not enough to pay the staff or the rent. I know this because my husband was his medical partner for 23 years and he was forced to quit two years ago when his income was far below his overhead. You can’t pay your nurse $3,000 a month when you are not making $3,000 a month. I’m sure that most people think physicians have so much money that early retirement is fun. I assure you that losing your income and your job is not fun. My husband told me long before Obama-care and our current health care crisis that Americans can’t afford the level of medical care they want. We all want S-class Mercedes medicine on an economy car budget.  For my family and yours I hope the crisis in medicine evolves into something that we can afford and also allows physicians to practice medicine.


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