Don’t Go With the Money, Go With the Design

With the purchase of my last car I had the knowledge that I would be keeping it for a long, long time. I chose a car that I felt had a good design, a little artsy and slightly odd. When you are looking to purchase car and price is a issue you have use a criteria, other than cash, to make the decision. That “wow I drive a luxury car” attitude was hollow after the first week, anyway. OK, I admit some luxury cars can be impressive. But they frequently are the same car just a different size. One of my favorite art text books is Variety of Visual Expressions by Edmond Burke. It is a beautiful books that talks about design in everyday objects. Over the years I noticed that people with a lot of money don’t seem to take design into consideration. Sometimes, an interior designer can make a house look like a high end hotel but its hard to live in a hotel. And that new Lexus or Cadillac has a certain appeal. But, I still love my Scion XB and my friends from art school would approve. Don’t go with the money, go with the design.


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