Debit Card Woes

When I was a kid, we would travel through Childress, Texas, often. Its a small town between Wichita Falls Texas and Amarillo Texas. I have not been there since my Aunt Ethel was alive and she died in the 1980’s.This past week my credit card was used there to charge $200.00 on my debit card at the Wallmart in Childress, Texas. My pin number was not used. The card company called us right away to ask if we used our card in Texas. If it had been my credit card I would be liable for $50.00 but the debit card is liable for the full amount. My card company said,’ did you file a police report?’. The Childress Texas, Wallmart said, ‘did you file a police report?’. So, it looks like if you don’t file a police report you don’t get your money back. I live in Alabama and $200.00 theft is a felony. In Texas stealing $200.00 is a misdemeanor. From now on, I’m using my credit card and not my debit card. I probably will never know how they got my debit card number but at least they won’t have a chance to use it again.


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