Chain saws and other Hazzards

There is an agreement called a Hold Harmless that can be used to protect yourself from law suit when you have repairs done or trees cut down on your property. There were so many times I hired someone to cut down a trees and they didn’t use any safety equipment. I would go with the cheapest price and I failed to realize that I was taking a huge financial risk.  There are lots of companies online that sell the Hold Harmless forms and some of the sites claim to be free. Chain saw work is especially dangerous. In Alabama dead trees are a big problem because with the next tornado, and there will be a next tornado, it could fall the wrong way and hit your house. Last summer my husband and my college age son took a chain saw safety course. There are chaps that keep the chain saw from cutting your leg. The chain saw has to be cleaned and the blades sharp or the likely hood it will get stuck in the tree and injure you increases. Trying to get a chain saw unstuck from a tree is dangerous, to say the least. There are all sorts of perils with trees and chain saws. However, if someone randomly  falls on your property then they can sue you. Hopefully, your homeowners policy is enough to protect you financially from that type of disaster.


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