Just Answer Yes or No

Tonight, I received a phone call from someone that wanted to do a survey. Just who was asking and what they really wanted from me I don’t know. They started out by asking how I liked how things were going in Alabama, in politics. The question was to be answered yes or no only. I would say it depends on the situation and she would say does that mean, yes or no. Finally, she would go on to the next question and ask the previous question in a different way and then say, yes or no. She switched to another topic dealing with the current health care bill and I hung up. Skewed survey’s that ask only what a special interest group wants is not a good survey. How in the world would you ever really be able to tell what the survey  said? So my taxes will increase overall because I said I wanted something in a survey that I didn’t say?  Anyway, I want to know what I getting even if is something as simple as a survey. I don’t want to be duped into saying something I don’t mean or buying something I don’t want.


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