Cheap Eats

This is my cheap party meal list.  The meals usually cost $10.00 or less.

Red Beans and Rice with Kielbasa:

It takes 2 cans of red beans, four cups of rice and one pound Kielbasa. Cook the beans with the Kielbasa, let it reduce and add the rice. Add a tablespoon of Tamari, with salt and pepper to taste. So far I have not found a gluten free, vegetarian substitute for Kielbasa. Morning Star sausage links are great but are not gluten free.

Crock Pot Chili:

Combine 2 cans of Bush’s pinto beans, 2 cans of  Bush’s black beans, 2 cans of Hormel Chili, 1 can Del Monte corn. Add salt and pepper to taste. (Veggie version:  use Amy’s Vegetarian chili)  Use tortilla chips on the side.

Hunts Spaghetti:

Brown 1 pound of hamburger or ground turkey (veggie version: crumble 4 Franklin Farms Portabella fresh Vegiburgers and brown in olive oil, this costs about the same as a pound of hamburger ), add garlic salt and black pepper and then  add 2 cans of Hunt’s spaghetti sauce and simmer till it thickens. Add extra tomatoes and vegetables if you like.  Use with the spaghetti of your choice. For gluten free I use Tinkyada Joy Pasta.

Chicken or Tofu Fried Rice:

Chop 2 chicken breasts or 8 oz. of tofu into cubes. Brown the protein choice in olive oil and add garlic salt and black pepper to taste. Scramble 2 eggs into the protein and then add four cups cooked Minute Rice and 1 tablespoon Tamari.


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