Peppermints and Insurance

In the middle of my insurance exam I fully understood why there were so many jars of peppermint on the confrence table. It is for that giant stomach ache you get when you realize just how difficult the Alabama State Life and Health Insurance Exam really is. Half way through I realized that I might flunk the exam and have to take it again. It was time for a peppermint. First of all the jar made a loud screeching as I pulled it toward me and then the lid clattered and the plastic peppermint wrapper crackled. Everyone looked up but quickly returned to their tests. Before the test I had asked the proctor if we really can take the test again and she assured me it was true. I secretly didn’t think I would need it but now it was a real possibility. I finished the test and pushed submit. Going over the test was’t going to help. To my shock, I passed.


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