Crazy Stupid about Cars

Over the years I have purchased too many vehicles.  We have bought 29 cars in thirty-five years. There were lots of trucks, three vans, five SUV’s, two Buick’s, one BMW, one Peugeot, two Volkswagen’s, two Volvo’s, etc.  We lost a truck and a Volvo when they were wrecked and totaled. That still leaves 27 cars that could have, should have paid off and kept till they were at least seven years old. Well, if my three kids had purchased their own cars and if my husband and I had kept our cars for at least seven years each then we would have only purchased 10 cars.  We were very short sighted because every time the warranty would run out or something mechanically would go wrong we would trade the car instead of fixing it. We lived at the top end of our budget and we didn’t want to part with the cash to fix a car so we never paid cars off back then. The economic decisions you make along the way determines how you end up. I have a tendency to think all my decisions are good ones. In light of the fact that I wasted so much on cars, it’s fair to say that some of my decisions are really bad.  Our thought was that we wanted our kids to have the cars we didn’t have growing up. It seems stupid now. Somehow we thought buying our kids cars made up for something we missed out on.  Living vicariously through cars doesn’t work. Trading cars or buying cars to make up for some insecurity is a bad economic decision. I have ended up with a Scion XB and in April it will be three years old. Fortunately, it is a great car. I won’t be trading cars or buying anyone a car any time soon.


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