Brand Loyalty

Toshiba is the laptop I use to blog. I had a great Dell desktop but it gave up after four years. My husband was headed over to Sam’s Club and I asked him to get me a Dell laptop under $600.00. He came home with a beautiful Dell laptop and I could not get the computer to work. My husband worked on it for a couple of hours and he could not get it to work either. So, I called my oldest son that is getting his PHD in data management to see if he could fix it. He worked on it for 6 hours and said you need to take it back something is wrong with it. We got a second Dell laptop and could not get it to work and we tried a final Dell and it had the same problems as the first two. I felt so defeated and I could not believe that something as simple as a laptop could be so difficult. After looking online my son found out that there was a problem with all the updates on that particular Dell and many people were having the same problem. Since I have a family member that is an authority on computers, I was able to return the 3 Dell computers without feeling too stupid. But every time we took a laptop back to Sam’s it was like they already knew it wasn’t going to work. Either that or they just have wonderful customer service. Anyway, after the third Dell was returned I went over to Best Buy bought a Toshiba. From the beginning the Toshiba worked and I was so grateful and happy.  I want to trust a brand and feel confident that it will have the same quality every time.  I wonder how many people just kept the Dell laptop they purchased at Sam’s Club thinking it was beyond their ability to set up a computer.


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