Can I get a new bicycle?

Yesterday, I read Sanjay Gupta’s report on the CNN website. He talks about how Medicare makes people overly dependent and they quit trying to have good health. That may have been true to Sanjay’s uncle but it was not true for my parents. My parents kept on trying to have good health.  My mom used Medicare to help survive colon cancer and my dad used Medicare to help with his Lymphoma treatment. You can’t speak for all people just because something is your experience. That is a bad statistical analysis. He is smart, he made it in an out of medical school, he should know better. One person does not make a medical study. You can’t just take a study done for one application, such as insurance rating for 62 year old men, and apply it across the board as if it was legit. I guess that is a new genre called sensational media medical coverage.  Anyway, medical penalties are the current trend. It’s called cost shifting in the health insurance industry. Remember, that public figures, movie stars, TV doctors are paid to sell us on things they don’t think we will like. I really don’t know how anyone fights the trend that gives the customers less value. But, at least if you know why you are getting less service then maybe as a consumer you can take action to fill the gap.  It is true that my bicycle will help me be healthier.  It is also true that my mother exercised religiously and still came down with colon cancer. Cutting Medicare out is not the answer! Health insurance is sickness insurance not health insurance. As Gupta presents the study I get dizzy from his doubletalk. He finally says there is a baseline where people benefit from health insurance.  If we could possibly get the power politics out of health care we might stand a chance. If I was as wealthy as Gupta, I probably would think that getting rid of Medicare is a good idea. But as it stands today, I am going to need Medicare when I am retirement age.


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