Monthly Archives: December 2013


Early this morning our son and his wife stopped by to borrow my husbands truck. They were headed to IKEA in Atlanta where they planned to buy a new bed with storage. Their home office is packed into their apartment bedroom so they want storage under the bed. Shipping costs for IKEA are huge so […]

Job Searching

Sunday afternoon I decided that I would ask for a job at the cute specialty store in a neighborhood near where I live. The woman working at the counter looked like she was the owner.  I thought I would give it a try. She was very nice. At first she said they didn’t have any […]

Good News Bad News

Finally, we got some health insurance. That’s the good news the bad news is that it is going to cost $1200.00 a month. This means that 35% of my monthly budget will be going for health insurance for the three of us. What I think is fair is half that amount. Life is not about […]

Say Cheese

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article about macaroni and cheese. It told of different ways to create mac and cheese. There are visuals from lots of cookbooks on the subject. They even gave it Presidential approval by saying Thomas Jefferson served it in the White House. I remember seeing Martha Stewart put sour cream […]

The News From Birmingham

OK, I admit it I am a news-buff. I watch all the local stations and all the most of the cable networks and watch and read online.  I follow whats on CNN, AL.Com and lots of others. Today, I saw that Scott Richards was leaving the Birmingham Fox News affiliate. He has been on Birmingham […]

Raspberry Pi with Coffee

This year I tried to think through what I buying for Christmas gifts. The gift I purchased online that actually has the potential to improve my daughters ability to make her money stretch is a food-dehydrator. So many prepared gluten-free, dairy free foods cost twice as much as regular food. Finding gluten free beef jerkyl […]

Unexpected Blessings at Christmas

This year, Christmas is good. Most of the time we live in overdrive. Quick, get it done and what are we missing? This year we had to slow it down and re-group. Our daughter never gets sick but this year she has bronchitis with walking pneumonia.  We set her up on the couch, started pushing […]

Chocolate in Small Doses

This morning I was watching Modern Marvels on the History Channel. The show was all about Chocolate and and that even though it is decadent it is actually good for you. They had a Yale University medical researcher on discussing the antioxidants in chocolate. At the end of his segment he said of course eating […]

Jobs for Christmas

There is always the idea at Christmas that I will receive some mysterious, unknown gift. This year is no exception. I want the gift of a job for myself and my husband. He is so overly qualified for most jobs and I have such a work gap that its going to be a miracle if […]

Cahaba Cycles

It was too much to hope for that my son’s old Schwinn would make it through four years at the University of Alabama. The bike is so old I think he got the thing in grade school. The breaks are failing an the parts are falling off. So, we located the cheapest bike that has […]